Know The Top Player of Every Time

The way social media operates is often bizarre. Late in the year, the 2020 tweet has reopened the debate over who is the best poker player of all time. The discussion is fine, but limits must be set in best online casino singapore.

Spark debate continues

Remko Rinkema poker journalist noted that Twitter was the most talented poker players ever, he believed in, back in May 2020. He had a number of top stars, Phil Ivey and the late Stu Ungar, which made a lot of sense. Yet his list took a hard turn from there to probably a “receiving bias.” His next five picks were players who in the last decade of competition mostly hit the top of the game: 

Here, nothing against Rinkema, but he’s got a very recent vision of history. The repetition of their job does not prune well and some of the online wizards play a huge amount and wow the poker world due to the stakes they are playing. Consider it… Think it… Who do you see playing the game from the last 15 years or so at a high standard until they are 60? What around 70 or, for Doyle Brunson.

One of the secrets to grandeur is longevity. As Dallas Cowboys win Super Bowl, Larry Brown won the Most Valuable Player Award, so what did he do with his career? You must have had experience in something like poker for a long time, over a decade or so.

Improved determination of grade requirements

Let’s first describe those rules. The Poker Hall of Fame has a variety of rules for membership that are useful for a rule of thumb singapore online betting. But in one place let’s go even farther – the “time test” law. Let the rule be formed that you are not entitled to be selected if you have begun playing less than 15 years before the examination date.

So no “all-time” list should be placed (this is just an instance, nothing against Peter!). Players such as Fedor Holz, Viktor Blom or Stephen Chidwick would also be included, they would not be included. Here are a few of the players who I considered the best in the game (and partly used my list when the debate first raged).

  • Reese Chip – the perfect poker player, maybe. Any game, stakes, cash or competitions may take place. Great game actions – never too high, never too low. The poker game would be much more fun if more players were like Reese.
  • Phil Ivey –   It would be Ivey if there was a contemporary contender for Reese. Some of the same Ivey comments that were said about Reese may be said. Regrettably, we definitely will never see Ivey on the leaderboard with the most World Poker bracelets because of the Borgata situation.
  • Doyle Brunson – You MUST give respect to a player who has lived for over 60 years in the league. May essentially play any game played at a high level and live game history. It’s almost an embarrassment to place him on the list – a key sign of Reese and Ivey’s goodness.